Do you understand what you read,
when you read the Bible?
Understanding the Bible is as easy as counting down from three
3 Dispensations - 2 Testaments - 1 Message
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If I Say the Truth... John 8.46-50
He Shall Never See Death John 8.51-59
Abraham's Seed John 8.33-39
The Truth Shall Make You Free John 8:31,32
I Am the Light of the World John 8.12-29
The Woman Taken in Adultery John 8.1-11
Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7.45-53
Shall Christ Come Out of Galilee John 7.31-44
Judge Righteous Judgment John 7.19-30
He Shall Know the Doctrine John 7.11-26
Jesus Walked in Galilee John 7.1-10
Thou Hast the Words of Eternal Life John 6.60-71
Eat My Flesh John 6.52-59
Daniel 2 & The Dream of Nebachadnezzar
The True Bread From Heaven John 6.28-40
The Meat Which Endureth Unto Eternal Life: John 6.22-27
The Feeding of the 5,000 -- John 6.1-14
The Witness of God -- John 5.31-47
The Judgment: John 5.28,29
Now We Believe: John 4.27-42
Jesus' with the Samaritan Woman Part 2: John 4.4-18
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