2 Chronicles:
the second book
of the history of Judah
The history of Israel as a  nation, specifically the history of the reign of Solomon and the kings of
Judah, is recorded in the book of 2 Chronicles.  This history centers not on the political or social
events, but upon the spiritual development of the nation.  2 Chronicles, having been written after
the proclamation of Cyrus to rebuild the temple, centers upon the building and restoration of the
temple by the house of David.

Following is an outline of 2 Chronicles.

I. The Reign of Solomon (1:1-9:31)
A. Granted wisdom (1:1-7)
B. Builds the temple (2:1-5:1)
C. Dedication of the temple (5:2-7:22)
D. Buildings (8:1-6)
E. Relation with other nations (8:7-10)
F. Pharoah's daughter (8:11)
G. Sacrifices (8:12-13)
H. Perfection of the temple (8:14-16)
I. Gold from Ophir (8:17-18)
J. Visit from the Queen of Sheba (9:1-12)
K. His glory (9:13-28)
L. His death (9:29-31)
II. The Reign of Rehoboam (10:1-12:16)
A. Crowned (10:1)
B. Jeroboam's plea (10:2-15)
C. Ten tribes revolt (10:16-19)
D. Forbidden to war against Israel (11:1-4)
E. Glory of his reign (11:5-23)
F. Shishak's invasion (12:1-12)
G. His death (12:13-16)
III. The Reign of Abijah (13:1-22)
A. War with Jeroboam (13:1-20)
B. His reign (13:21-22)
IV. The Reign of Asa (14:1-16:14)
A. Took away idolatry (14:1-5)
B. His army (14:6-8)
C. Zerah's invasion (14:9-15)
D. Covenant with God & the people (15:1-15)
E. Removes his mother from being queen (15:16-17)
F. League with the Syrians (16:1-10)
G. Summary & death (16:11-14)
V. The Reign of Jehoshaphat (17:1-20:37)
A. Walked in the ways of David (17:1-6)
B. Caused Levites to teach the book of the law (17:7-11)
C. Waxed great (17:12-19)
D. With Ahab at Ramoth-gilead (18:1-34)
E. Reproved by Jehu (19:1-4)
F. Sets the kingdom in order (19:5-11)
G. Battle against the Moabites & Ammonites (20:1-30)
H. Summary (20:31-34)
I. League with Ahaziah (20:35-37)
VI. The Reign of Jehoram (21:1-20)
A. Kills his brothers (21:1-4)
B. His evil (21:5-7)
C. The revolt of Edom and Libnah (21:8-11)
D. Elijah's prophecy (21:12-15)
E. The Philistines & the Arabians invasion (21:16-17)
F. His disease and death (21:18-20)
VII. The Reign of Ahaziah (22:1-9)
VIII. The Reign of Athaliah (22:10-23:15)
IX. The Reign of Joash (23:1-24:27)
A. During the life of Jehoiada (23:1-24:16)
    1. crowned (23:1-11)
    2. Athaliah slain (23:12-15)
    3. Jehoiada recovenants the people to God (23:16-21)
    4. wives (24:1-3)
    5. repairs the temple (24:4-14)
    6. Jehoiada dies (24:15-16)
B. After Jehoiada dies (24:17-27)
    1. idolatry reintroduced (24:17-22)
    2. Syrian invasion (24:23-27)
X. The Reign of Amaziah (25:1-28)
A. Begins right in the sight of the Lord (25:1-4)
B. Against Seir (25:5-13)
C. Idolatry (25:14-16)
D. War with Joash of Israel (25:17-24)
E. Summary & death (25:25-28)
XI. The Reign of Uzziah (26:1-23)
A. Good reign int he days of Zechariah (26:1-15)
B. Leprosy for offering incense (26:16-21)
C. Summary & death (27:21-23)
XII. The Reign of Jotham (27:1-9)
XIII. The Reign of Ahaz (28:1-27)
A. Idolatry (28:1-4)
B. Syrian invasion (28:5-6)
C. Israel's invasion (28:7-15)
D. Sought help from Assyria (28:26-21)
E. Increased idolatry (28:22-25)
F. Summary & death (28:26-27)
XIV. The Reign of Hezekiah (29:1-32:33)
A. Did that which was right (29:1-2)
B. Restores the temple (29:3-36)
C. Passover restored (30:1-12)
D. Idolatry removed (30:13-31:4)
E. Offerings & tithes (31:5-21)
F. Sennacherib's invasion (32:1-23)
G. Hezekiah's sickness (32:24-26)
H. His wealth & glory (32:27-31)
I. Summary & death (32:32-33)
XV. The Reign of Manasseh (33:1-20)
A. Wickedness (33:1-10)
B. Taken to Babylon (33:11)
C. Repents (33:12-17)
D. Summary & death (33:18-20)
XVI. The Reign of Ammon (33:21-25)
XVII. The Reign of Josiah (34:1-35:27)
A. Did that which was right (34:1-2)
B. Purges of idolatry ((34:3-7)
C. Repairs the temple (34:8-13)
D. Itilkiah finds the law & it is renewed in the land (34:14-33)
E. The Passover renewed (35:1-19)
F. Slain in battle against Pharoah-Necho (35:20-24)
G. Summary 35:25-27)
XVIII. The Reign of Jehoahaz (36:1-4)
XIX. The Reign of Jehoiakim (36:5-8)
XX. The Reign of Jehoiachin (36:9-10)
XXI. The Reign of Zedekiah (36:11-13)
XXII. The Captivity (36:14-21)
XXIII. The Proclamation of Cyrus (36:22-23)