Biblical Commentary        
The Acts
of the Apostles
Part 1
It has been suggested that the title to this book should be “Some of the Acts of Some of the
Apostles.” A television miniseries developed loosely on the book was called “Peter and
Paul,” since they are the main ones spoken of in the book.

The Gospels presented the story of the life of Jesus, telling what to believe. Acts presents
the history of the preaching of the apostles (particularly Peter and Paul), telling how people
responded to that preaching, and how the church of the first century was organized and
came into being.

The center of activity begins in Jerusalem, and switches to Antioch as the teaching
journeys of Paul begin.

The eighth verse of the first chapter provides an outline for the book:

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be
witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the
uttermost part of the earth. (Acts 1:8 KJV)

Centered in Jerusalem
•        The post-resurrection instruction and ascension (1:1-11)
•        The selection of Matthias (1:12-26)
•        The Holy Spirit baptism of the apostles (2:1-4)
•        The day of Pentecost (2:5-47)
•        Peter and John in the temple (3-4:22)
•        They report to the church (4:23-31)
•        The generosity of the church (4:32-37)
•        Ananias and Sapphira lie to the Holy Spirit (5:1-11)
•        The apostles and Peter in Jerusalem (5:12-16)
•        The apostles imprisoned (5:17-42)
•        The appointment to care for the widows (6:1-7)
•        The story of Stephen (6:8-7:60)
•        1st mention of Saul (8:1-3)
•        Philip to Samaria (8:4-13)
•        Peter and John confirm the Samaritans (8:14-25)
•        Philip to the Ethiopian Eunuch (8:26-40)
•        Saul’s conversion (9:1-22)
•        The plot to kill Saul (9:23-31)
•        Peter heals Aneas (9:32-35)
•        Peter raises Tabitha – Dorcas (9:33-43)
•        The answer of Cornelius’ prayer (10:1-8)
•        Peter’s vision of the four cornered sheet (10:9-18)
•        Peter goes to Cornelius’ house (10:19-23)
•        Peter at Cornelius’ house (10:24-48)
•        Peter defends preaching to a Gentile (11:1-18)
•        The gospel preached to the Grecians (11:19-26)
•        Agabus’ vision (11:27-30)
•        The death of James (12:1-2)
•        The imprisonment and escape of Peter (12:3-19)
•        The death of Herod (12:20-24)
Centered in Antioch of Caesarea
•        Barnabas and Saul return to Antioch (12:25)
•        Barnabas and Saul selected (13:1-3)
The First Journey
o        Barnabas and Saul on Cyprus (13:4-12)
o        John Mark departs (13:13)
o        Paul and Barnabas in Antioch of Pisidia(13:14-50)
o        Iconium (13:51-14:5)
o        AT Lystra refuse sacrifice (14:6-19)
o        Derbe and return to Antioch of Pisidia (14:20-23)
o        Return to Antioch where they started (14:24-26)
o        Report at Antioch (14:25-26)
o        Paul and Barnabas go up to Jerusalem about Judaizers (15:1-35)
The Second Journey
o        Split between Paul and Barnabas (15:36-41)
o        Timothy at Derbe and Lystra (16:1-5)
o        Phyrgia to Troas (16:6-8)
o        The Macedonian call (16:9-13)
o        Conversion of Lydia (16:14-15)
o        A divining damsel and imprisonment (16:16-24)
o        Conversion of the Philippian jailer (16:25-34)
o        Released from prison (16:35-40)
o        In Thessalonica (17:1-14)
o        In Athens (17:15-34)
o        In Corinth (18:1-17)
o        Ephesus to Phrygia (18:18-23)
o        Apollos (18:24-28)
o        In Ephesus (19:1-41)
o        To Troas (20:1-6)
o        Breaking bread and Eutychus (20:7-12)
o        To Miletus (20:13-16)
o        Paul addresses the elders of Ephesus (20:17-38)
o        To Caesarea (21:1-7)
o        Phillip’s house and Agabus’ prophecy (21:8-14)
o        In Jerusalem and at the temple (21:15-26)
o        The Jews from Asia have Paul arrested (Acts 21:27-39)
o        Paul’s speech to the crowd (Acts 21:40-22:21)
o        The crowd’s reaction and Paul’s imprisonment (22:22-30)
o        Paul before the council (23:1-11)
o        The plot to kill Paul and taken to Felix (23:12-35)
o        Audience before Felix (24:1-21)
o        Paul held for two years (24:22-27)
o        Paul before Festus appeals to Caesar (25:1-12)
o        Paul before Agrippa (25:13-26:32)
The Third Journey
o        The sailing journey to Mileta and shipwreck (27:1-44)
o        On Mileta (28:1-10)
o        On to Rome (28:11-16)
o        Paul spends two years under house arrest (28:17-31)
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