& The Conversion of Saul
Acts 9:1-18; 22:3-16
a sermon outline
1. The reason Saul was going to Damascus
-- Acts 9:12,2; 22:3-5

2. The light
-- Acts 9:3-8; 22:6-11

3. Waiting in Damascus
-- Acts 9:9

4. Annanias told to go to Saul
-- Acts 9:10-15

5. Annanais’ message to Saul
-- Acts 9:17,18; 22:12-16

He would be told what he must do --
“arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins,
calling on the name of the Lord.”

Acts 22:16 vs. Acts 2:38
arise vs. repent
be baptized vs. be baptized
wash away his sins vs. for the remission of sins
calling on the name of the Lord vs. in the name of the Lord Jesus

Although Saul saw the resurrected Christ,
it was through an earthen vessel that he learned what he must do.

Although Saul prayed for three days and three nights,
his sins were not washed away.
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