God’s Eternal Purpose
In The Church

Conybeare and Howson place the date of Ephesians in 62 AD, during the house
arrest in Rome.

II. Place and Date of Writing.  
The time and place of his writing Ephesians turn on the larger question of the chronology
of Paul's life (see PAUL, THE APOSTLE, 1) and the relation of the Captivity Epistles to
each other; and the second question whether they were written from Caesarea or Rome (for
this see PHILEMON,EPISTLE TO ). Suffice it here to say that the place was undoubtedly
Rome, and that they were written during the latter part of the two years' captivity which we
find recorded in Ac 28:30. The date will then be, following the later chronology, 63 or 64
AD; following the earlier, which is, in many ways, to be preferred, about 58 AD.
        ISBE

A Simple Outline
  1 – All Spiritual Blessings in Christ
   2 – Alive In Christ
   3 – The Mystery of the Gospel
   4 – The Unity of the Spirit
   5 – Living In Christ
   6 – Relating In Christ

A More Detailed Outline
I.        Introduction (1:1-3)
II.        All Spiritual Blessings in Christ (1:4-14)
III.        I Heard of Your Faith (1:15-23)
   A.         The spirit of wisdom, revelation & understanding
   B.         The hope of His calling
   C.         The riches of the glory of His inheritance
   D.         The greatness of His power
   E.         The resurrection of Christ
IV.        Your Past Life (2:1-22)
   A.        Made alive
           a.        You were dead
           b.        Lusts of our flesh
           c.        The children of wrath
   B.        Saved by grace
           a.        Together with Christ
           b.        Through faith
           c.        Not of works of the law
           d.        Created unto good works
   C.        You were without
           a.        Christ
           b.        Commonweath of Israel
           c.        Covenants of promise
           d.        Hope
           e.        God
   D.        In Christ
           a.        Nigh by the blood of Christ
           b.        Broken down the middle wall of partition
           c.        Reconciled into one body
           d.        Access by one Spirit unto the Father
           e.        Fellowcitizens
                   i.        Saints
                   ii.        Household of God
                   iii.        The temple of God
V.        The Mystery of the Gospel (3:1-21)
VI.        The Unity of the Spirit (4:1-13)
   A.        The Unity of the Spirit
           a.        Lowliness and meekness
           b.        Longsuffering
           c.        Forbearing one another in love
           d.        Endeavoring …in the bond of peace
   B.        The Seven One’s
           a.        One body        
           b.        One Spirit
           c.        One Hope
           d.        One Lord
           e.        One Faith
           f.        One Baptism
           g.        One Father
   c.        The Spirit for the perfecting of the saints
VII.        Put on The New Man (4:14-5:17)
   A.        Be renewed in the spirit of your mind
   B.        Righteousness and holiness
   C.        Put away…
   D.        Walk in love
   E.        No fellowship with darkness
   F.        Understand the will of the Lord
VIII.        Singing With Melody in Your Heart (5:18-20)
   A.        Not drunk with wine
   B.        Speaking in
           a.        Psalms
           b.        Hymns
           c.        Spiritual songs
   C.        Making melody in your heart
IX.        Submit Yourselves (5:21-6:9)
   A.        Wives
   B.        Husbands
   C.        Children
   D.      Fathers
   E.        Servants
   F.        Masters
X.        Be Strong in His Might (6:10-18)
   A.        The armour of God
           a.        Spiritual wickedness in high places
           b.        Loins girt with truth
           c.        Breastplate of righteousness
iv.        Feet shod with the gospel of peace
v.        Shield of faith
vi.        Helmet of salvation
vii.        Sword of the Spirit, the word of God
XI.        Conclusion (6:19-24)
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