It Won't Do Any Good

One time after seeing a Methodist preacher baptize infants who were kicking and
screaming, John "Raccoon" Smith made a point.  "Raccoon" was a large, strong man.  
He was preaching in the area of this somewhat smaller Methodist preacher.  When
they were down at the river baptizing believers after the service, the Methodist preacher
happened to walk by.  Seeing him, brother Smith shouted out to him, "Brother, I am
going to baptize you!" The Methodist preacher replied, "No, sir, you are not!"  Upon that
"Raccoon" strode up out of the water and picked the poor Methodist preacher up, threw
him over his shoulder and began heading back into the river.  The somewhat surprised
man said, "What are you doing?"  "I'm going to baptize you," was the reply.  "Well, you
may dunk me, but it won't do any good!" whined the Methodist preacher.  Brother Smith
then promptly dropped the Methodist preacher in the edge of the river, and when he
came up spitting and sputtering, he said, "Remember that the next time you baptize one
of those screaming, kicking, sqawlling infants -- it won't do any good."

The Plan of Salvation

If the Devil is one direction and God is the other, the sinner is walking toward the Devil.  
To change his direction, he must hear which is the right direction to travel.  When he
believes that message he will stop.  When he repents, he decides to turn his life
around and faces toward God.  His confession of faith is a beginning by putting a foot
forward.  Baptism is when he puts the other foot forward and begins to walk toward
God.  However, if he does not continue to walk in the right direction he will slide back
toward the Devil.

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