A Moving Sermon

The preacher had preached on "Hypocrisy" Sunday morning.  Before Services Sunday
evening his 4-year old daughter was standing in the pew beside him looking back over
the congregation.  In that 4-year-old voice that carries forever she innocently asked her
father, "Daddy, are any of those hypocrites you talked about this morning back tonight?"  
He started packing to move Monday morning.
A Moving Sermon

An old holiness preacher told a young holiness preacher "if you ever have a problem
thinking what to say, take a step back, and say 'Here I come,' step up to the pulpit and
the Lord will give you what to say."

On his next preaching appointment, the young preacher drew a blank.  He took a step
back, and whispered, "Here I come."  However, he still could not think of what to say.  So
this time, he took two steps back, and said a little louder, "Here I come."  Still he could
not think of what to say.  So this time he took three steps back, and in a loud voice said,
"Here I come!"

As he stepped up to the pulpit, he tripped fell over the altar and landed in the lap of an
elderly lady in the front pew.  As he feverously apologized, the woman said, "That's all
right, preacher -- it's not like you didn't warn me."

Why Don't You Read the Bible?

My cousin's little boy learned about Noah and the Ark in Sunday School Class.

When he came upstairs he met the preacher in the hallway.

The preacher asked him, "What did you study about in Sunday School this morning?"

"Noah," was the reply.

"What did Noah do?" the preacher asked.

"He built an ark," was the reply.

"What did he put in the ark?" asked the preacher.

A little irritated, the boy replied, "Animals."

"How many animals did he put in the ark?" asked the preacher.

"All of them," replied the boy with more aggravation.

"How many of each animal?" asked th preacher.

The little boy then replied, "Preacher, don't you ever read the Bible?  All the answers are
in there."
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