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he Lord’s Supper is one of the most sacred and holy institutions in
Christianity. Its celebration is solemn, and its purpose holy. No act
in Christianity is more important.

The way in which the Supper is taken is monumental. The manner of
its observance makes the difference between heaven and hell. All
depends upon the mindset of the observer, or taker.

The attitude of the people serving the table will set the mood for
what everyone else does. Their demeanor – the way they act – can
make the difference between the acceptance and damnation of those
taking the emblems. This is an awesome responsibility. It is not to
be taken lightly.

Their demeanor and attitude can be reflected in their dress. There is
no dress code – I repeat – there is no dress code for the Lord’s
Supper. I am not suggesting that there is. However, each individual
should look at themselves and see whether the way that they have
dressed is a help or a hindrance to those taking the supper they are
serving. Christian morals still play a part in the dressing of
Christians, whether it is for work, play or worship. Is your clothing
appropriate for the situation? Each person and each culture dresses
differently for certain occasions. Are you dressing appropriate for a
most solemn and holy occasion? Not only for yourself, but also for
those who will see you? This does not mean you have to “put on
airs” or a façade, just to serve the Lord’s Supper. But, neither does
it mean that you can slovenly approach the service without regard
for anyone else’s feelings or sensitivities. Neither does it give
someone the right to run roughshod over someone else because
they prefer a certain style.

The actions of all concerned are the most important consideration.
Remembering that the bread represents the body of Christ, and the
fruit of the vine represents his blood, act accordingly. How would
you act if Jesus were truly present? How would you act if he were a
guest in the audience, and knew how you are remembering his body
and his blood? In fact, in a manner of speaking, he is there.
Wherever two or three are gathered together in his name, he is
there. Show the proper respect. Show the proper reverence. Be
humble. Be worshipful.

If these tips are followed, the Lord’s Supper can be a wonderful
experience for both the servers and the served – a time of memorial
– a time of remembrance of the body and the blood of the One who
died for us on the cross: Jesus of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of
God, the Christ.