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BeMidhar ~ In the Wilderness
The  Prophetic Dispensation
The National Era ~ The Moonlight Age
Approximately 40 years
The 1st Census
The Offering of the Leaders
The Cleansing of the Levites
The 2nd Passover
Two Silver Trumpets
Taberah to Paran
The 12 Spies Sent
Sabbath Breakers
Korah's Rebellion
From Kadesh to Bashan
Moses' Sin at Meribah
Aaron's Death
Fiery Serpents
Balaam & Balak
The 2nd Census
Female Inheritance
Offerings & Feasts
Midianites Defeated
Reuben & Gad
The 42 Journies
The Levites 48 Cities
The Provision of God
in the Wilderness