Biblical Commentary        
Paul's Epistle
to the
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:
for it is the power of God unto salvation
for every one that believeth;..."
~ Romans 1:16


The Need of Divine Righteousness

The Sin of the Gentiles (1:18-32)
The Sin of the Critic (2:1-16)
The Sin of the Jews (2:17-3:8)
The Sin of All (3:9-20)

The Manifestation of Divine Righteousness

The Promise as the Basis of Righteousness (4:1-25)
The Attainment of Righteousness (5:1-21)
What Righteousness Means (6:1-8:39)

The Relation of Righteousness to the Jew

The Election of Israel (9:1-33)
The Salvation of Israel (10:1-21)
The Failure of Israel (11:1-36)

Righteousness in Obedience

A Living Sacrifice (12:1-8)
Personal Relationships (12:9-21)
Political Relationships (13:1-7)
Public Relationships (13:8-14)
Fraternal Relationships (14:1-15:13)

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