Parental Responsibility
Talking to You Like a "Dutch Uncle"

They say that teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, teenage drug use, and teenage
delinquency is a big problem in our society. It seems to me that the bigger problem is parental

I can remember someone bringing their son to my dad and saying, "Can you take him for the
weekend, and straighten him up?"

Dad replied, "I can't fix in two days what took you fifteen years to mess up."

People are saying the schools need to address the problems of teenage pregnancy, teenage
drinking, teenage drug use, teenage delinquency, etc. It seems to me that if the parents would
address these problems as they raise their children, there wouldn't be any problem when they
became teenagers.

Where are the children learning the acceptability of this behavior? At school? Or, at home?
When the parents are viewing television shows with questionable morality (at best); watching
movies that any decent person would be ashamed to see; reading trash in books and
magazines; taking marital responsibilities lightly (including the commitment to stay married);
drinking their beer, wine and whiskey; smoking their dope, and snorting their coke; cheating on
their taxes and otherwise disobeying the law; is it any wonder that the children do the same
things? The schools aren't teaching like they need to against these things, true; but, the
parents are defeating the effort before it even starts.

Too often hypocrisy gets in the way in trying to teach young people how to act. "Do as I say,
don't do as I do," does not very often work. What is done drowns out what is said.

Other parents say, "One of these days..." They put off talking to their children as they grow up
about the unacceptability acting certain ways, and then wonder why the kids have turned out the
way they did. They think one talk about a subject will take care of it. Yet, how many husbands
remember what they are to pick up at the grocery store after being told only one time?  Children
need to be reminded of things constantly. That is why they take reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic
every year. That is why schools review lessons each year. The key to education is repetition,
repetition, repetition. That is true of "book learning" and moral instruction. Parents need to
teach their children constantly.

That is why taking (not sending) the children to Sunday Bible classes is important. There is no
better teacher of morals than the Bible. When "church attendance" goes down, court
attendance goes up. Man is not only a physical creature; he is a spiritual creature, too. A great
deal of our problems in society are a direct result of neglecting and/or denying the spiritual side.
Children should not be left to grow up. They need to be raised. They need to be nurtured. They
need to be trained. That is the responsibility of the parents.

You can tell the difference between the children with parents who take their responsibility
seriously, and those who just sort of let their kids go. Fortunately, the majority of parents do
take their responsibility seriously. The majority of the problem is with the minority of the kids.
Read carefully. I did not say "minority kids," but the minority of kids. This whole problem has
nothing to do with race, or with income. It has to do with moral training, spiritual nurturing, and
caring training. That is successfully being done by those of all races and incomes. However, it
is also failing to be done by those of all races and incomes.

The problem will cease when parents wake up. Children will be children. Now, it is time for
adults to be adults. It is time for parents to be parents.  [read Ephesians 6:1-4]

What are you doing?
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