Psalm 4
God will answer
A Psalm of David

Exactly what "NEGINOTH" is, no one seems to know for sure.

David in this psalm speaks of the same theme as in the Third Psalm: God will answer his
prayers. Even though there were those who doubted that God would hear him, David had no

The God upon whom David calls is the God who has directed him in righteousness. It was the
law of the Lord which had taught David right from wrong. It was the law of his God which had
guided him throughout his life. The God whom he had grown to know and to love through the
law is the God to whom he prays.

He entreats God to hear. He knows he will hear; but, his distress is such that it moves him to
plead even for what he knows will be.

God has been gracious to him each and every time he had faced difficulties in his life. From
the battle with Goliath on, the loving care and concern of the Lord God for David was without

He pleads once more for mercy, and understanding. He pleads for an audience with the One
whom he adores, venerates and worships, the Creator of all, the Almighty God.

Men, when left to their own devices, rather than following after God, followed after the gods of
the nations round about them. David's glory was God; but, he was ashamed of those who
were around him that sought after deities made of wood, stone, silver and gold. These were
but dumb idols: unable to hear, unable to speak, unable to act. They were useless, empty and
vain. Those who praised and promoted these idols were liars when they said they were gods.
They were nothing. Yet, how long would men continue to follow after an illusion, rather than
seek the real thing. They were like men dying of thirst in the dessert who stood beside a well
of water, but chased the mirage to their doom.

Stop and think about that for a moment.

The people of God are saints. They are sanctified. They are holy. They are set apart for he
service of God. They are in the world, but not of the world. They conduct themselves differently.
Their thoughts are molded by the law of the Lord. Their actions are motivated by the word of
God. They are righteous in what they do, for they fulfill the will of God. The difference can be
explained in one thing: godliness ~ that attitude of awe, veneration, love and fear of the Lord.
With a mind directed by belief, and a soul guided by faith, the godly are separate from the
people of this wo rid.

It is an axiom that God hears the prayers of the righteous. And, David has this assurance.

He encourages others to stop and think about their own thoughts and conduct. Stop to think
about what you are doing. Is it right, or is it wrong? What does God say about your thoughts?
What does God say about your actions? Show the proper respect to the Almighty Creator of
heaven and earth. Show the proper veneration for the Lord God Almighty. Show the proper
obedience to the word of Jehovah. Allow your mind to be molded by the word of God. Let your
actions be guided by the will of your heavenly Father.

When you lay upon your bed at night, and the stillness of the night takes away all distractions,
meditate upon the word of God. Think about what He says. Study upon what the prophets and
apostles have revealed. Look into your heart and see if your thoughts have conformed to
God's word, allowing His will to become yours. Look into your very soul, and see if the guiding
light for your life is love and service for your Creator.

Think about what God has done for man throughout the ages. Think about how he has cared
for the descendents of Abraham and the children of Israel. Think about how He cared for the
apostles and prophets of the New Testament. Think about how He has cared for His church
throughout the ages. Think about how He has cared for you. Count your blessings. Think
about how He has shown His love by giving His only-begotten Son for you.

Stop and think about that for a moment.

After you stop and think about what God has done, think about what you need to do. Offer your
sacrifices. In the Old Testament they needed to offer animal sacrifices at many times to atone
for their transgressions. But, they also needed to offer "the sacrifices of righteousness" ~
obedience to the law in faith, love, mercy and justice. The blood of bulls and goats meant
nothing without obedience to the law in the thoughts and lives of the people, [see Isaiah
chapter one].

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Not just believing He exists; but, trusting Him.
Accepting His word, and obeying His commands. Trusting that He will do what He has
promised; whether that be care and provision during this life, or reward and punishment in the
life which is to come.

David admonishes all to trust in God; for, as Habakkuk said, "The just shall live by faith."

There are those who doubt the care of God for the godly. They question who would help them.
However, David is confident that
the Lord will light the way.   If He smiles upon them, they do not need anything else.

God's blessings of fellowship and peace, filled David with joy. His cup ran over with the
gladness of the grace of God.

David could lay down to sleep, regardless of the problems which surrounded him, because of
his faith in God. He knew whatever the circumstances, God would take care of him. As the old
Swedish proverb says, "There is no pillow so soft as a good conscience." When you are at
peace with God, all else matters little.

Stop and think about that for a moment.
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