Psalm 2
Why do they rage?
The Second Psalm is a psalm of prophecy. Although their are some similarities found in
Solomon's day, the quotations of the Second Psalm in the New Testament by the apostles
applies the psalm to Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah or Christ.

The term "messiah," or annointed one, is applied to four individuals in the Bible: I) Saul, king
of Israel; 2) David, king of Israel; 3) Solomon, king of Israel; and, 4) Jesus, King of kings and
Lord of lords. The first three of these were annointed as the kings of Israel by men; but, the
last was annointed King of kings by the Lord God Almighty. The term "Christ" is the Greek form
of the Hebrew "messiah;" they mean exactly the same. So, when you are referring to Jesus
Christ, you are referring to Jesus Messiah: the fact that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the
Promised One of God.

The term "Messiah" is used almost exclusively in English to describe the promised Seed of
Abraham and David, who would establish the everlasting kingdom, and bring blessings to all
people. It is this Messiah that this psalm speaks of.

Why do the Gentiles say, Let us throw off the restraints of the Lord and of his Messiah? Why do
they refuse to listen? Why do they plan rebellion against the God of heaven, and his Chosen

When the rulers of the Jews wished to remove Jesus from the scene, they found ready
collaborators in the Roman government. Both Herod and Pilate were willing to assist them in
their kilting of Jesus. Although finding him innocent in the trial, they were willing to sentence
him to death.

Why? Unbelief. The Gentiles believed in a multitude of gods represented in stone and other
icons. They had no respect for the God of heaven, or at least no more respect for him than for
any other god. His laws, commandments and statutes meant nothing to them. In fact, listening
to God might interfere with what they wanted to do, and what was required to serve their others

Yet, all of their rebellion, all of their protestation, all of their plans to throw off the restraints of
God were laughable. They were going to stop God and his Messiah from their purpose? They
were going to fight against the Lord God Almighty and his appointed King? Hah!

All of their efforts will be useless. They will be unable to stop, or even deter the plans of God
and of his Messiah. They will wind up looking ridiculous.

In spite of their plans, in spite of their derision, in spite of their actions, God will set his king
upon the holy hill of Zion. The Messiah will set up his kingdom, The Messiah will set upon his
throne. Their actions have not stopped, delayed, or deterred the plans of God,

Although the Jews delivered Jesus to be crucified by the Roman government (the people
crying for htm to be crucified at the instigation of the rulers of the Jews), it did not stop Jesus
from being the King of the Jews, and setting up his kingdom. Although the Romans nailed him
to a cross with the inscription in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek: THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS,
ft did not prohibit him from ruling in that office, and establishing his kingdom which would
never end.

Although the Gentiles and the people kitted him, God (because Jesus was his Son) raised
him from the dead. As Jesus was the only-begotten of the Father, he was also the first
begotten from the grave. Although they tried to resist his power, might and authority, Jesus
would break them as with a rod of iron by his resurrection from the grave. They attempts to foil
the plans of God would be dashed like a ceramic pot thrown to the ground and broken into a
million pieces.

Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. Therefore, pay attention, you people who
rebelled against the God of heaven. Learn your lesson.

FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. Rejoice in what God has done. Worship before
the Son, before the wrath of God is poured out and you are in the way. For if you are still in
rebellion, you will perish. If you were unable to stop the Almighty from placing his Annointed
upon the holy hill of Zion, sitting in the throne of his kingdom; do you think you will be able to
stand before the wrath of God in the day that it is poured out?

The blessings of God are upon those who believe in Him, who have faith in Him, who trust

Who are you? Do you rebel against God as the Gentiles? Do you fight against the authority of
God, and of his Messiah? Or do you trust in the Almighty? Do you believe and trust in His
Christ? Do you recognize that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the Messiah, the only-begotten
Son of God, the Savior of the world, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, sitting upon his
throne at the right hand of God in heaven, having all power and all authority in heaven and on
the earth, reigning over his kingdom - the church? Do you listen to the words of Christ and
allow them to guide your thoughts and your actions? Are you a Christian? a disciple of Christ?
a son of God? a saint?
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