The Bible: The Revelation of God

Throughout the history of the printed book,
he Bible has been the most widely published
and the best selling book in the world.
No other work of literature has inspired
more great deeds for humanity,
more works of sculpture and painting,
more music, or more artistic literature than the Bible.

It has caused the human soul to soar to the heights of the divine,
and to realize its finite character and its tarnished nature.

It has been a source of comfort to the bereaved,
a source of strength to the weak,
a treasure of riches for the poor,
wisdom for the searching, and truth for all.

It has brought to humility the greatest,
corrected the richest, and condemned the wicked.

If nothing else is admitted by its opponents,
the fact that the Bible has had a greater effect
upon the history of the world
than any other writing or collection of writings
in history for the good has to be conceded.

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