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Should a
Christian drink
Q. Should a Christian drink alcohol?

A. Short answer, “No.”

“For we have spent enough of our past lifetime in doing the will of the Gentiles – when we
walked in lewdness, lusts, drunkenness, revelries, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries.
In regard to these they think it strange that you do not run with them in the same flood of
dissipation, speaking evil of you” (1 Peter 4:3-4).

It is and has been characteristic of the world to imbibe alcoholic beverages. It is done to achieve
some state of drunkenness or intoxication: to loosen up, to relax, to get a buzz, etc. If that wasn’t
true, people would drink O’Doul’s or other non-alcoholic beers and wines. The fact is, if people
can not get the alcohol they will not drink beer or wine.

The reason that Christian’s should not imbibe is simple: alcohol is an anesthetic. It kills brain
cells. It puts the brain to sleep. It begins at the top of the brain putting to sleep the center of
judgment. That is why people will do things after drinking they would not do if they were not
under the influence: they no longer have the ability to make distinctions between good and evil,
right and wrong, or sensible and irresponsible. That is why seducers get their “dates” or victims
to drink: they will say “yes” when they should be saying “NO.” If you drink enough, it will put the
entire brain to sleep, including the part that keeps you breathing and your heart beating at the
base of the brain. That is death due to alcohol poisoning.

Yes, the world thinks you are strange because you do not drink, especially if you have been
drinking and stop. The world does not understand. They will not understand. Do not expect
them to understand. Their being able to understand does not determine your actions, the word
of God determines the actions of the Christian. Let them think what they want. Let them say
what they want. You do the right thing.

Crime, spousal abuse, injuries, car fatalities, etc. all result from drinking. The misery caused by
drinking on the person drinking, their wives, their children, etc. is immeasurable. That is not
what being a Christian is all about.

“Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not be drunk
with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving
thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting
to one another in the fear of God” (Ephesians 5:17-21).

It is not the spirits of Bacchus which the Christian should be reaching for, but seeking to be
filled with the word of God and the Spirit of our God to give thanks to Him through Jesus Christ.