The Bible:
Where Did It Come From?

The Holy Bible is inspired of God.

"All scripture is inspired of God..." (2 Timothy 3:16)

These words penned by the authors of the book of the Bible
are the words of the Lord God Jehovah.

The belief of the inspiration of the Bible has ever been
a test of truthfulness in doctrine and faithfulness
to God and to Christ.

H.B. Swete stated:
"The early writers (of the earliest period)
speak with an absence of reserve...
The Holy Scriptures were regarded
as the writings of the Holy Spirit;
and one who did not believe
that they were spoken by the Holy Spirit
was counted an unbeliever."
(Authenticity and Inspiration of the Bible).

The believer accepts and affirms the inspiration of God
by the Holy Spirit of the Holy Bible.

As Sir Fredric Kenyon stated:
"The Christian can take the whole Bible in his hand
and say without fear or hesitation
that he holds in it the true Word of God,
handed down without essential loss from generation to generation
throughout the centuries."
(The Story of the Bible; p. 23)

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