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[a sermon outline]
Speak as the Oracles

By Rod Ross

(Jeremiah 5:30-31) A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;
The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and
my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?  (KJV)

Introduction: The nation of Judah, even after seeing the destruction of Israel, did
not learn the lesson it should have. False prophets and priests for hire were
common throughout the land. In fact, the people loved it. Yet, how different was
Judah from people in our own day and land? Are there not false prophets and
teachers among us? Are there not those who will do anyone’s bidding for a price?
Are there not many who just love it to be that way? Will we learn from Judah’s
error? Or, will we repeat her sin?

I.        PROPHETS PROPHECYING FALSELY (Speaking falsely in behalf of God)

A.        False Revelation

1.        Moon

2.        Mormons

3.        7th Day Adventists

4.        Catholics

5.        Charismatics (Pentecostals & Apostolics)

6.        Etc.

B.        False Representation

1.        Denial of True Revelation

a.        Atheism
b.        Agnosticism (Skepticism)
c.        Modernism (Rationalism, Liberalism)

2.        Misrepresentation of True Revelation

a.        False teachers of every stripe which twist and pervert the scriptures (2
Peter 3:15-18).


A.        For hire, they go along with false doctrine.  

1. Jude 3
2. Philippians 1:17

B. The people accept false doctrine and practices.

1. Ephesians 5:6-14
2. Galatians 2:1-5

C. The people love false ways.

1. Matthew 7:13,14

Conclusion: As there were false prophets, hireling priests and rulers, and corrupt
people in the days of Jeremiah, there are the same in our day. Not every one who
says they are speaking in behalf of God, or are declaring the word of God are
telling the truth. People lie about religion. People lie about truth. Such people will
be with us until the end of the world. The question is, “What will we do?” Will we
listen to the soothing voices of the false prophets? Will we submit to the rule of
hirelings who care nothing for us and derive their authority from the false
prophets? Will we love false teaching and false ways? Or, will we love the truth?
We can either go the way of Judah, or we can learn from their mistakes. The
choice is ours. The choice is yours.